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Zebra Insulation’s Roll Out Batt Insulation service offers versatile solutions for various applications in your home. Whether it’s enhancing wall insulation or improving attic spaces, our expert team provides tailored solutions for your specific needs.

Batt insulation is a popular choice for its effectiveness and versatility. It can be faced or unfaced, offering flexibility in managing vapor barriers and thermal performance. Our professionals ensure precise installation, helping you achieve better comfort and energy efficiency throughout your living space.

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Insulation Batts

Batt insulation is a widely used type of insulation proven to be a convenient choice for most homes, basements, and garages. With proper insulation, homeowners can rest assured they get the best balance between price and performance.

Zebra Insulation provides property owners with a variety of batt insulation products to choose from. However, the most commonly used materials are fiberglass and mineral wool, which offer the best insulation features.

We help clients choose the best batt insulation material that offers optimal performance levels while achieving the desired R-value within a reasonable budget.

About Insulation Batts

People can save money on energy costs by making their homes more energy efficient using insulation batts. Increasing the insulation levels inside properties effectively regulates internal temperatures by controlling heat and cold within the property.

Insulation batts come in pre-cut rock or fiberglass forms. They insulate exterior walls, floors, attics, and ceilings. More often, insulating batts are used to fit between the framing of buildings. Manufacturers sell insulating batts in different R-values.

Benefits of Updating Insulation Batts

Batt insulation has several beneficial qualities, with price and effectiveness being the main reasons property owners use it. Here’s an in-depth rundown of why property owners should update their insulation batts.

Enhanced Indoor Comfort

Proper batt insulation enhances the indoor comfort of any property by effectively insulating walls, floors, and ceilings. It helps the HVAC unit regulate the indoor temperature and reduce drafts. This creates a more consistent and cozy living environment year-round.

Lowers Noise Pollution

Insulation batt materials such as fiberglass have good acoustic properties, making them an excellent option for soundproofing homes. Fiberglass insulation can absorb and block sound waves, reducing the noise passing through the walls or ceiling.

Environmental Benefits

Batt insulation offers significant environmental benefits compared to other insulation materials. For example, mineral wool and fiberglass batt insulation are mostly made from sustainable or recyclable materials, minimizing the demand for new insulation resources. Proper insulation also minimizes the use of air conditioning units, reducing the homeowner’s carbon footprint.

Fire-Resistant Batt Insulation

Fiberglass and mineral wool have excellent fire-resistant properties and don’t require additional fire retardant. These batt insulation materials can withstand high temperatures and are designed to slow spreading flames. Batt insulation gives property owners valuable time to evacuate the burning building and for firefighters to respond.


One of the main reasons batt insulations are a more popular choice among property owners is their cost-effectiveness. Batt insulation is generally more affordable and energy-efficient than other insulation options. Our professional team at Zebra Insulation can install batt insulation quickly and efficiently.

Zebra Insulation Is Your Trusted Insulation Expert

Zebra Insulation’s highly competent and professional insulation team strives to provide clients with the best insulation products. Our goal is for our Southeast Michigan homeowners to have a thorough and complete batt insulation service to improve their home insulation.

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